Why us?

LiftUp is created to meet the gap and fix the pain points in the ecosystem of research funding and collaborations.

Most corporate and businesses struggle with finding the available opportunities, especially SME’s as they are usually time and resource-poor, and thus create waste processes where efficient collaboration and resource allocation could have significantly bootstrapped their R&D efforts. This creates an intangible loss to society, as inefficient capital allocation on research efforts causes significant opportunity waste. This does not only apply to SME’s but also large corporations often hire teams to manage R&D grants and even then these grants are often mismatched to their actual projects and find it difficult to match the perfect fit of researchers to collaborate with.

We have a solution to this, which starts with the standardisation of information. There is significant confusion in the industry, and to solve it, it starts with classifying and defining definitions and processes. Even funders and universities are lacking key insights to create robust forecast engines to create efficient capital metrics and this is where we leverage our standardisation to gather data for modelling, we then use these models to guide decision making by providing objectives and results oriented metrics to all stakeholders.
We at LiftUp, are here to meet the challenge of creating an efficient ecosystem where Researchers, Corporates, Funders and Universities can more efficiently collaborate. Our innovation first approach is based upon creating functions which an automate processes, provide empirical intelligence and guide decision making. We aim to reduce the time of identifying collaborations for all parties involved in this process, target experience by ensuring customization of needs for all involved stakeholders and reduce the cost to gain grants and scale this infrastructure to provide more insights into R&D at a national and micro level.

We provide impeccable value by reinventing the ecosystem of research funding and collaboration.

We know currently applying for research grants can be painful for all stakeholders involved. Because of this, allot of waste processes occur in time, resources, insights and effectiveness of R&D grants. Our extensive experience has shown that by standardising the process and using data driven intelligent systems we can provide clarity of process and decision making for all involved in the process – Time, Cost and Experience, the key value drivers we provide.

Our unique data engine, capable of live analysis of public and private data, to conduct real-time modelling, with actionable controls, Engaging Corporates, Academics, Universities and Funders in decision making, while automating significant amounts of workflows, with data intelligence.

We quantify, guide and forecast social change for research grants

More Value

Intelligent Systems

Automated Processes

Reduction of Waste

Increased Opportunities

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