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Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide stakeholders involved in research (Corporates, Academics, Universities and Public Institutes / Funders) a single infrastructure and a defined framework of standards to make Research Funding and Collaboration efficient, accessible and rule based.

How do we plan to achieve our vision?

Our data is vital to securing grant funding and managing the research-oriented processes and approaches. Liftup aims to facilitate achieving research and funding acceleration by unlocking the information in a ‘one-stop shop’ which assimilates global R&D collaboration and funding data and allows intelligent interrogation by stakeholders.

Transparency and Implementation

We provide data transparency and evidence basis to all our interpretations. Our metrics can help you understand origin, basis and peers involved in a research which involves interested scholars and funders. To maintain our high level of transparency, all levels of data are available with an API and well sourced. With a modular implementation to provide data security to our stakeholders. 

About our Tool

Liftup is web-based tool access through annual subscription-based service. The tool is based upon solving data consolidation and connectivity between funding and research stakeholders initially focused in the UK. LiftUp is created for Research Funders, Governments, Universities, Corporates (From startups to public companies) and Academics with the purpose to dissect information and match relevant opportunities for each stakeholder.

What we do

Our qualitative data makes all the difference

Our data is gathered from trusted sources that can include but are not limited to reviews, citations and academic journals backed by visionaries and groundbreaking researchers where they are benchmarked against the metrics that serve as an indicator of influence and impact. Thus, we dig deeper into the data and unveil the endless opportunities for academics, governments, universities  and corporates to facilitate efficient funding mechanism.

Meet our team

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